Joie - Multiply 6in1 High Chair

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The 6 In 1 Highchair!

Lasting from 6 months to 6 years, this innovative highchair adapts, adjusts and evolves through 6 stages from baby chair to play table. 

The Joie Multiply Highchair gives you 6 different options, without the need for additional extras. The baby chair allows your little one to sit safely and snugly from 6 months old, keeping them close by so you can get on with everything you need to get done in the kitchen! Choose from one of 3 recline options to get them as comfy as possible. When they're ready to wean, add the tray in one of 3 positions. It features a cup holder and is easily wiped clean. For on the go, use as a booster seat, ideal as they get a little bit bigger or for popping round other people's houses and restaurants. The Multiply highchair also works brilliantly as a tall chair to sit up to the table, when they're almost grown up enough for a big chair! As the Multiply can be adjusted up to 5 height positions, you can fit it up to an array of tables. And lastly, you can convert the highchair into an innovative chair and table set! Perfect for a bit of independence when eating or for activities. All the materials are removable and washable and are super soft for them and super stylish for you!