Janod - Zigolos Russian Dolls

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Janod Zigolos Russian Dolls – Penguins is a timeless toy with classic graphics! 5 purple wooden penguins are adorably painted onto Russian nesting dolls. Each penguin is a different size and 4 of them open so you can place the smaller ones inside the larger ones. A gorgeous addition to any child’s room, you can display them all lined up, or just the largest one with the others stacked inside. The sizes range from 1.75in (4cm) to 6in (15cm). Includes 5 wooden nesting dolls. Recommended for children 3 years of age and older.

Janod is France’s leading wooden toy brand with a long tradition of designing award-winning learning toys, role play toys and building sets. Founded in 1970, Janod is recognized for developing creativity to craft timeless toys, valuing contemporary design with a graphic edge, and inventing new features