Janod - Height Adjustable Easel

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"Height adjustable & double sided, this easel comes packed with magnets."

Set includes paper roll, magnets, chalk & marker pen

Double-sided: chalkboard & whiteboard

Tray for keeping chalks & pens in

Best for: Ages 3+


Wooden frame

Magnetic board & chalkboard

Wipe clean


Always use this product with adult supervision


There are some toys that every family should have - a wooden puzzle, a timeless quilt, The Hungry Caterpillar...

We think that this fantastic easel by Janod is so good that it needs to be added to that list. So here it is! It has blackboard paint on one side - for maximum chalking opportunities. The other side is a magnetic whiteboard, with a roll down paper and little magnets to hold it in place. It's strong enough for two little artists to create fabulous artwork together. They'll still argue over the chalk, though :)

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Janod Height Adjustable Easel
  • 6 x Janod magnets
  • 10 x Janod pieces of chalk
  • 1 x Janod dry erasable marker
  • 1 x Janod roll of paper
  • 1 x Janod board easer
  • 1 x Janod magnetic ruler
  • 2 x Janod pots for paint
  • 1 x Tray for holding the chalk